5/31/18  Diamond Island Info meeting, Saturday, June 23, 10 am @ Koranda/Manning Lot (# 7 / 11)


  • Welcome and Open Meeting: President , Gary Gries
  • Approval of August 2017 Meeting Minutes
  • Financial Review/Vote to approve financial statements: Mike Andrasco, Treasurer
  • Barge Maintenance update: Bill Hullinger, Board Member
  • Operators update: Bob Price, Barge Operations Manager
  • Barge Committee: Update/Status
  • New Business
  • Motion to Close

4/24/18: just an FYI, copy of the 2018 Spring Letter.

4/23/18:  Garbage pickup dates added to the Calendar page.

Added (technically re-added) a classifieds page to this site. Post by sending the info to diamondislandcassmi@gmail.com.

4/20/18: Construction of the hulls is underway as you can see from the two pictures below.  The last few design issues  have been resolved, although we continue to tweak a few details with an eye towards safety improvements, operational simplicity and cost containment. We do not have a final price yet but it is likely that we will use most of the 20% cushion the Association approved last summer.

We also do not have a firm delivery date at this time. We were hoping that it would be prior to Memorial Day as any disruption due to the change over would be easier to handle when the barge is only operating part-time. However, it is now looking like sometime in June.  Given that this is a multi-generational endeavor we would rather take the time to get things done right than rush things without thinking it through. In the meantime, the old barge is in and operating normally.

The Barge Replacement Committee

The barge will open for the 2018 season on Friday, April 13th at noon. Spring schedule in effect until Friday, May 25.

  • April
    • Friday — Noon until 10:45 PM
    • Saturday — 8 AM to 10:45 PM
    • Sunday —- 8 AM to 8:45 PM
  • in addition:
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays in May:
      • 8 AM to 11 AM and 3 PM to 6 PM

Cookbooks are in and will be available on the island April 14. Sellers are:

  • Linda Domberg (#4, the ‘Doublewide’)
  • Price (#99)
  • Chutro (#31 on weekends)
  • Dot Koranda (#7)

$ 10. each and proceeds go to the barge replacement fund. Any questions or requests contact diacookbook@gmail.com.