5/4/15: on behalf of Diamond Lake Association:

Dear Island Homeowners
With Memorial Day a few weeks away it is time to JOIN or Renew your membership in the Diamond Lake Association.  For the nominal fee of $30.00 you receive the following benefits from DLA:
  •       Protect the quality of the lake to retain property values
  •       Contract to control invasive weeds and manage geese population
  •       Support local law enforcement to keep the lake safe
  •       Monitor the quality of the lake water
  •       Interface with government entities to keep residents informed of information regarding lake property and county plans
  •       Arrange for the annual 4th of July fireworks display
Joining is easy to do online on the new, enhanced website, www.dlacassopolis.org.
Please note that a contribution to the annual Diamond Lake fireworks is a separate  donation which can also be made on the website.  If you choose to pay by check the form for your membership and fireworks donation can be found on the website.
You might also receive a mailing if you have not joined in the past.
Thank you, DLA Membership Committee


To all Diamond Island residents:

This week the Cass County Road Commission has been on the island repairing our road.  While I’ve not seen it, I’ve been told they have done a great job. The Road Commission has limited resources and it’s very difficult getting their heavy equipment and additional road gravel delivered to the island to do this work.  Steve Lucas, Managing Director of the Road Commission has been extremely good to work with on this project.  A special thanks to Steve and his people and also to Dennis Wauchop, Bob Price and Mike Andrasco for manning the barge during this project.

Now that the pot holes are gone I want to remind everyone to remember to keep your driving speeds down and also please under no circumstances should any homeowners make any changes to the road now that it has been graded. If you have an issue, please contact me and I will in turn contact the Road Commission to see what can be done to resolve any concerns.  Also please do not place leaves or grass clippings on the road.  The leaves and clippings retain moisture and basically turns into a compost and eventually causes the road gravel under it to break down resulting in pot holes.  After proper grading any rain water should hopefully drain off the road fairly quickly.  Anything that is done to impede rain water from draining will result in standing water that in turn will cause a breakdown of the road gravel and the road.

So, let’s all do our part to keep our road in the best condition possible.  Thank you.

Phil Bottger,  D.I.A. Board Vice President


2015 Garbage pickups:

May 11 and 26 (Tues. after Memorial Day)

All Mondays in June, July and August

Sept. 8 (Tues. after Labor Day), Sept. 21, Oct. 5, Oct. 19, Nov. 2

Spring 2015

Diamond Island members: Winter is still upon us, but Spring is in the air! Mark your calendars we have a date set to get the barge back online. The 2015 barge opening is scheduled for Friday, April 17 at noon. The SPRING and FALL hours of operation have changed. We have added 2 additional hours on Tuesday and Thursday only. The complete listing of barge hours is on the 3rd page of this letter. Remember Tuesday & Thursday hours don’t start until MAY. Your Island Summer meeting is scheduled for June 13, 2015 @ 10:00 AM. We encourage everyone to join us at the Koranda’s cottage #7 bring a lawn chair.   The financial condition of the Association remains strong. This allowed us to make some necessary repairs to the island gate. The work was completed in the Spring of 2014 with minimal inconvenience to the homeowners. The cost was just over $13,000. Our major fixed costs for fuel, trash removal, insurance and payroll have not increased significantly. As a result we are able to keep dues the same as 2014. Your 2015 Diamond Island Association Membership dues are $550. This includes garbage pickup along with 1 car sticker. Additional car stickers can be purchased at the cost of $50 each. If you own a second home, that is not being used as “rental property” the 2nd home membership cost is $250 which does not include a car sticker. Car passes for visitors, workers etc. can be purchased at $5.00 each. The cost of temporary passes will be $8.00 each. This increase is to help “offset” administrative cost of a temporary pass. Members are not permitted to operate the barge without attending a proper training session. Contact a board member if you wish to be trained to operate the barge. Did you enjoy the 4th of July fireworks? How about a summer of minimal amount of geese? See what Diamond Lake Association has to offer. You can become a member or if you want to make a donation visit their website at: www.dlacassopolis.org Phil Bottger, president of the Diamond Island Land Corp. (center of the island), requested that we include a DIL-2015Letter about the center island to all homeowners. DIL is a separate entity from Diamond Island Association. Links: