March 16, 2017 – Notice of Special Meeting

Notice of SPECIAL MEETING (pursuant to Article III Sections 2,3 &8 of the By-laws)

As you all know from the discussion during the August Annual Meeting, a Request for Quotation was being prepared to be sent to prospective barge builders. The RFQ was sent to 7 bidders in October, however, the response has been disappointing as no one has been willing to submit a bid. Several builders were strictly in the business of building barges and did not offer any type of propulsion, much less docking systems and the like. Others withdrew because there were too many unspecified design components making it difficult for the bidder to quote a fixed price or because the missing design specs and complexity of the electrical and docking systems required them to find a partner with the requisite expertise, which was just not worth the time or effort.

Fortunately, we have been working on a parallel track to try to find an engineering design firm that would provide all the missing design components, including propulsion alternatives and the electrical and docking systems. In other words, provide a complete, specific bid package.

Seacraft Design, a Naval architectural and Marine engineering firm based in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin has submitted a proposal which looks very promising. The committee is in the process of working through various alternatives with Seacraft and negotiating the price. It may take another 3 or 4 weeks before we have the details worked out to our satisfaction, at which time we would be looking to sign a contract. Before we can commit the Association, however, we need owner approval. There is a 14-day notice period required before we can ask for a vote. If we proceed in this order it could be mid-May before design begins. We believe, and Seacraft concurs, that we still have enough time to design, bid and build the new ferry for delivery in March 2018, but there is not much time to spare.

To help accelerate the process we are seeking owner approval to engage Seacraft NOW.

Seacraft’s original proposal was for $51,000. A significant portion of this was due to all the unspecified variables that are in the RFQ. For example, the propulsion system was totally open ended. We would have considered paddle wheels, thrusters, or other systems that the bidder recommended. Same with the docking system: floating dock, ramps on the ferry, ramps on land, etc. were all in play. To reduce the scope and thus the price, we are going to go back to Seacraft with specific systems and/or components for them to design; such as paddlewheels for propulsion, as it is the least costly but most efficient of the alternatives.  As a result, we believe the revised price will be under $35,000 but are seeking authorization for $40,000 to have some flexibility. There is $54,500 in the barge replacement fund. Despite this added design cost, we are more confident than ever that the overall price will still be well with the range we projected in August.

If approved, we would proceed with the design phase and then begin work on a second RFQ to send out to boat builders. Ultimately, we will need to have another Special Meeting of the homeowners to review and approve the costs and financing of the new ferry. This probably will not happen prior to the next Annual meeting but we will know a lot more by then.

If you have questions about any of this please contact one of the committee members.

Given the 14-day notice requirement, the meeting will commence on March 30, 2017 and conclude at 12 pm March 31, 2017. You may cast your ballot during this time or earlier, if you wish.

The Board of Directors


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